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It’s not what the Vision IS, it’s what the Vision Does

It's not what the Vision IS, it's what the Vision Does Wouldn't it be nice if the path to the future was right in front of us and our task as leaders was simply to recognize it and go with it? And what if this path was free of potholes, detours, washouts, steep inclines, declines,…
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For-Profit Execs in the Non-Profit World: Culture Shock

A for-profit executive who thinks she/he can easily transition to become a non-profit executive usually does not appreciate the difference between these two worlds.  Two key differences are the difference in metrics and decision making styles. Financial bottom-line metrics are given less emphasis as performance metrics in a non-profit.  The financial regulations and various funder…
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Work Place Conflicts

Leaders of organizations are responsible for creating an environment where people thrive.  Disagreements, turf wars and even differences of opinion can lead to work place stress and unproductive teams. However, conflict is not necessarily negative; healthy, managed conflict is important for team effectiveness, innovation and positive results. As a leader, you need to model the…
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Feedback as a Gift

In our last newsletter we addressed the importance of providing quality feedback to positively impact individual, team and organizational performance. In this issue, we’d like to focus on receiving and accepting feedback as a gift…as an opportunity to grow. We all have behaviors that have become routine that may not be serving us well. We…
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