Feedback as a Gift

In our last newsletter we addressed the importance of providing quality feedback to positively impact individual, team and organizational performance. In this issue, we’d like to focus on receiving and accepting feedback as a gift…as an opportunity to grow. We all have behaviors that have become routine that may not be serving us well. We…
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The Essentials of Feedback

How do leaders inspire top performance in their employees? How do they generate enthusiasm, passion and true employee engagement in achieving and exceeding organizational goals? A starting point is for leaders to create clarity and alignment around organizational goals and objectives. This begins with each employee having a clear understanding of his/her job responsibilities. Research…
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Bullying is not just for kids Their Boss yelled across the room to Sylvia, "Where is that report I need?" Sylvia responded, "Which report are you referring to?"  The Boss then said, "You are so stupid." He turned, went into his office and slammed the door.  A week has gone by and the Boss has not…
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