How can you plan for the future in a pandemic environment?

Organizations need to continue services despite a pandemic.

Planning is challenging when so many “unknowns” impact the future.

Planning based on plausible scenarios provides a basis for preparing.

  Create  Plausible  Scenarios  Define Impact  and  Implications  Adapt and Innovate  Service  Delivery


The Leadership Group LLC (TLG) has used a Scenario Planning process       with two clients – a large for-profit corporation and a medium-sized nonprofit organization – to plan operational strategies. TLG has prepared plausible COVID-19 scenarios. Each member of the organization completes a grid about the impact and implications of each scenario. This gives a basis for each person to discuss both organizational and individual needs,opportunities, fears and concerns. Also, creative thinking better equips your organization to adapt and innovate service delivery to meet ongoing and future challenges.