Fund Raising Tips

Worried about the financial future of your nonprofit? You have data at your fingertips to work on this problem. That data is the history of donor giving. While you may have time available, this is an opportunity to prepare a future strategy for donors.

“Donor analytics” is the process of compiling, organizing and interpreting donor data. Donor information helps you make informed decisions, especially when developing donor relationships, and may provide surprising insights.

In planning successful fund raising, donor analytics provides the information to allocate your time and energy best. If you have web-based donor software, you can work on this from home.

Start with the following:

  • Major Donors: Develop a report of your most generous donors: $500-and-above; $1,000-and- above.
  • Loyal Donors: Develop a report of those who have given annually for three years (or multiple times within a year).

Our next email will explain how to use this information to communicate with donors and to develop fund raising initiatives. We live in a time of uncharted waters, but also a time when many past donors/potential donors want to help your mission.