Category: Fund Raising

Raise More Money From Your Database!

Data gathering and data analytics are two of the most important   resources to raise money for a   nonprofit. Though data gathering   is done at most   nonprofits, many do not take the time to analyze   that   data. It can help create a strong successful fundraising plan   each year. The following is a partial test of your knowledge of […]

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Communicating With Major Donors

In the last TLG Email we discussed preparing for fundraising by analyzing the data in your donor database: 1-Major Donors: Develop a list of your most generous donors: $500-and-above; $1,000-and- above. 2-Loyal Donors: Develop a list of the donors who have given annually for three years  (or multiple times within a year). These two groups of donors are the most […]

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Fund Raising Tips

Worried about the financial future of your nonprofit? You have data at your fingertips to work on this problem. That data is the history of donor giving. While you may have time available, this is an opportunity to prepare a future strategy for donors. “Donor analytics” is the process of compiling, organizing and interpreting donor […]

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